Asphalt & Bitumen

Emulsion Defoamers

Elementis Specialties offers various types of defoamers under the trade name DAPRO® for both waterborne and solventborne paints, coatings, inks and other applications. DAPRO® defoamers help eliminate both macro and micro bubbles in a variety of applications.

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DAPRO® DF 7005
A silicone-free, let down defoamer for long term effectiveness and few surface defects.
DAPRO® DF 7010
A grind defoamer.
DAPRO® DF 7540
Oil-free, primarily for systems that are sensitive for surface defects
DAPRO® DF 9010
A renewable, low VOC, grind defoamer.
DAPRO® DF 9030
A renewable, low VOC, grind defoamer.