Recent Achievements

THIXATROL® PRO - provides viscosity, thixotropy and sag control in non-aqueous protective coating systems. It is particularly effective for spray-applied, high film build protective coatings.

DAPRO® FX 514 - An environmentally friendly coalescing agent prepared from renewable resources that delivers excellent film formation, scrub resistance and improved gloss and open time.

THIXATROL® DW 50 - Universal Polymeric High Temperature / Deep Water Flat Rheology Viscosifier for Oil Based Drilling Fluids.

RHEOLATE® 299 - Highly efficient low shear viscosity builder for pigmented and clear waterborne industrial coatings.

BENTONE GEL® ABO V - A natural, solvent free and sustainable oil for hair care, skin care and color cosmetics that provides excellent oxidative stability.

BENTONE GEL® MSO V - A BENTONE GEL® based on natural Meadowfoam Seed Oil that provides excellent suspension control and ease of use.

FANCOR® MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL - A natural, solvent free, and sustainable oil for hair care, skin care and color cosmetics. FANCOR® Meadowfoam Seed Oil provides excellent oxidative stability within final formulations. It will also provide increased stability when added to other natural oils. With this addition to our portfolio, Elementis is providing the personal care market not only Meadowfoam derivatives, but also the base ingredient..